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8,500 Cars PCTC

The vessel shall be designed and built as a multi-purpose single screw roll-on/roll-off vessel capable of carrying cars,heavy vehicles,roll trailers and road trailers,trucks,buses and rolling cargoes.

Length over all                                199.90m

Length betw.perp.                           190.00m

Breadth,moulded                              32.26m

Depth,moulded(Upper deck)              35.00m

Depth,moulded(Freeboard deck)        14.35m

Desigh draft,moulded                         9.00m

Scantling draft,moulded                    10.00m

4,900 Cars PCTC

The vess has 12 decks with total area of equal 5 standard football palygrounds,and the actual loading capacity can reach to 4900 Cars.

Lenght over all                                182.8m

Length betw.perp.                          170.00m

Breadth,moulded                               31.5m

Depth,moulded                                 12.8m

Desigh draft                                       7.7m

Speed                                             20.0kn

2100 Cars PCTC

     The 2100 PCTC is a new type of PCTC that XSI ever constructed. The ship has two stern doors, moveable decks and moveable ramps, could satisfy the requirements of transporting multiply types of vehicles. Vehicles could move to any deck according to moveable ramps. there are 9 vehicle decks, providing an overall vehicle area more than 18000 square meters,standard capacity for vehicles is about 2100.

length overall                                   141.2m

Length betw.perp.                                         129.6m

Breadth moulded                                  24.4m

design draught moulded                   6.00m

service speed in certain condition is more than 16.0kn


78m PSV

Transport fresh water,diesel oik,bulk cement,liquid mud,drill water,base oil,brine,methanolor similar chemical product,stores,materials & equipment,External fire fighting,Move men and Materials between platforms,Rescue men fallen overborad,Oil Recovery capability,Operation to be

24 hours/day continuous operations.


Lenght over all                               78.00m

Length betw.perp.                          70.20m

Breadth,moulded                            18.60m

Depth,moulded                                7.80m

Max draft                               6.3m approx.

Max deadweight                                4000t

Clear deck area                                800 ㎡

Main engine power                      2x3000PS

Generator sets                             3x550kw

Shaft generator                          2x1100kw

Speed                                               13kn

78m(200Man) Maintenance/Working Vessel

The vessel is to be all welded steel construction with twin diesel engines,twin CP azimuth propellers.The vessel's accommodation is to be located forward

on the main deck and deckhouse.This specification together with the GA drawing is intended to describe the construction of a Maintenance/Working Vessel

completely outfitted and equipped for folllowing duties.1) to support in Topside&Subsea Maintenance;2)To support in Offshore EngineeringProject;3)

External Fire-fighting;4)Rescue:The vessel will be registered as unrestricted service.


Lenght over all                               78.00m

Length betw.perp.                          69.60m

Breadth,moulded                            20.00m

Depth,moulded                                8.00m

Max draft                             6.50m approx.

Max deadweight                               3500t

Clear deck area                                 800㎡

Main engine power                      2x2750HP

Generator sets                              3x640kw

Shaft generator                           2x1000kw

Speed                                           11.50kn

100m(300Man)Accommodation/Work Vessel

Lenght over all                             100m

Breadth,moulded                         31.7m

Depth,moulded                            7.30m

Designed draft                      5m approx.

Generator sets                         5x540 kw

Offshore crane                          300 tons

Persons                                         300P

75m PSV

Transport fresh water,diesel oil,bulk cement,liquid mud,base oil and brine,stores,materials&equipment,External fire fighting,Move men and materials

between platforms,Rescue men fallen overboard,Oil Recovery capability,Operation to be 24 hours/day continuous operations,capable of remaining on

station for about of 28 days.


Lenght over all                             75.00m

Length betw.perp.                          67.8m

Breadth,moulded                          17.20m

Depth,moulded                               8.00m

Max draft                              6.6m approx.

Max deadweight                              3300t

Clear deck area                               700 ㎡

Main engine power                     2x3000PS

Generator sets                             3x450kw

Shaft generator                          2x1000kw

Speed                                           12.50kn

30,000DWT Multi-purpose Container Vessel

Lenght over all                               192.90m

Length betw.perp.                          182.00m

Breadth,moulded                             27.80m

Depth,moulded                               18.20m

Designed draft                                     10m

Speed                                              19.4kn

30,000DWT Multipurpose Container Heavy Lift Vessel

Lenght over all                              192.90m

Length betw.perp.                          182.00m

Breadth,moulded                             27.80m

Depth,moulded                               15.50m

Designed draft                                    10m

Speed                                             19.4kn

10,500DWT 820TEU Container Vessel

Lenght over all                              136.50m

Length betw.perp.                          125.00m

Breadth,moulded                             22.50m

Depth,moulded                               11.20m

Designed draft                                 7.60m

Speed                                               18kn

2,600TEU Container Vessel

Lenght over all                               211.85m

Length betw.perp.                          199.95m

Breadth,moulded                              29.80m

Depth,moulded                                16.70m

Designed draft                                   7.60m

Speed                                                 22kn

51,000DWT Double Hull Bulk Carrier

Lenght over all                              190.00m

Length betw.perp.                          182.00m

Breadth,moulded                             32.26m

Depth,moulded                               16.70m

Designed draft                                 10.70m

Speed                                             14.7kn

82,000DWT Double Hull Bulk Carrier

Lenght over all                              229.00m

Length betw.perp.                          223.50m

Breadth,moulded                             32.26m

Depth,moulded                               20.05m

Designed draft                                 12.20m

Speed                                            14.10kn

57,000 DWT Bulk Carrier

Lenght over all                              188.99m

Length betw.perp.                          185.00m

Breadth,moulded                             32.26m

Depth,moulded                               18.00m

Designed draft                                 11.30m

Speed                                              14.2kn

53,800 DWT Double Hull Bulk Carrier

Lenght over all                               190.00m

Length betw.perp.                          182.00m

Breadth,moulded                             32.26m

Depth,moulded                                 16.7m

Designed draft                                 10.70m

Speed                                              14.7kn


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